Home and Building Automation

Automation has the perception of being expensive, but this is not the case. Technology has changed over the years and it has become more affordable for the general home. We use technology every day and it is becoming more common practice to automate your home to have control at the touch of a button. Home Smarts is your one stop for all information in regards to automation, whether it be your business or your home we are able to offer consultancy and installation services that meet your requirements. Each job we do comes with a new challenge and we thrive on finding new and better ways to use technology to achieve the required outcome our clients vision.
Our services include the following:

  • Consultancy and design of home automation products using Clipsal CBUS
  • Consultancy and design of building automation using Clipsal CBUS and DALI controls
  • Installation and commissioning of CBUS and DALI with certification
  • Supply and installation of our own proprietary touch screens for interfacing to CBUS
  • Implementation of third party products to interface with CBUS
  • External access using either iPads, iPhones or android devices to control your home

What can Home Automation do for you:

  • Control of lights, CBUS has a number of dimmers and relays that can control many brands and types of lighting products
  • Control of heating including hydronic, heat pumps and panel heaters
  • Control of blinds and curtains
  • Control of irrigation
  • Control of TVs and Audio (See our section for audio and visual controls)

See some types of the projects we have completed below:

  • Large home in Clarke Ave, Battery Point. We were involved from the design right through to the finish. We consulted with the owner and designed all the electrical and lighting components of the build. We then continued to complete the installation and commissioning over a 18 month period. This build is a prime example how we can help from the beginning to the end. We designed and installed the following:
    • Clipsal CBUS automation
    • Lighting and electrical
    • Integrated alarm system
    • Intercom
    • Door controls
    • Audio and Visual covering supply and install of TVs, Multi-room Audio, indoor and outdoor Speakers and amplifiers
    • Garage doors
    • Lighting on Jetty, lift and feature walls and ceilings
    • Irrigation
    • iPad controls for TVs, Multiroom audio, CBUS, CCTV and alarm system
  • Large home in Howden. Once again we was involved through the whole process of design and installation. We implemented most of the services list in the above build.
  • CBA Call Centre in Hobart. We installed and commissioned CBUS and DALI to manage the lighting within the building with a focus on energy consumption. Although we was not involved in the project design we were consulted on how to utilise the product to achieve the best way to manage and save on energy costs. With the use of energy efficient lighting, natural light and light sensors we able to control the amount of light that is required based on lux levels. We implemented schedules and timers on lighting to make sure power is not being consumed when it was not being used.
  • QBE Call Centre in Hobart. This project was similar to the CBA Call centre with the same concerns in regards to reducing energy consumption. We installed and commissioned CBUS units to manage all lighting throughout. With use of light sensors, schedules and occupancy we are able to reduce the use of lights when they are not required.
  • The Met in Battery Point. This was a large project of 2 Townhouses, 2 Apartments, 2 Sub Penthouses and 1 Penthouse. Sam was involved in running the electrical for this large commercial project where James was involved in the programming and commissioning of CBUS and our proprietary touch screens throughout each apartment. This project ran over 2 years and was definitely the largest we have completed. We also were involved in the after-market service offering the new owners consultancy in the installation of their Audio and Visual requirements as well as changes or additions to their CBUS installation.

These are just a small amount of the projects we have completed over the past number of years but it shows our experience from small installations to large installations.
If you are thinking of automating your home or building, then contact us during your design process to discuss areas that we can help with. We pride ourselves on our knowledge and expertise and can provide you with the tools to make it happen.

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Our electrical side to the business is developed around but not limited to home automation.
We offer the following services:

  • Electrical for new homes
  • Rewires of existing homes that require upgrades to the electrical
  • Heat pump supply and installation
  • General electrical fault finding
  • Repairs to faulty electrical outlets
  • Commercial installations or upgrades on your electrical services
  • Consultation of legal requirements

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Audio and Visual Controls

This part of the business has developed over the years. It started by being asked if we could recommend what TV would be suitable for our new home and now years later we are offering our clients with solutions to be able to control their TVs and Audio with the clutter and complexity of all these individual remote controls. We recommend a brand called RTI which offers features that can control all your devices using infrared, RS232 or IP control. This product allows us to control all devices and setup a simple interface that is deployed through an app design for Apple and Android tablets and phones.
Services we offer are:

  • RTI controls for any IR or IP device
  • Multi-room Audio supply and installation
  • LED Television Setup and recommendation
  • Complete cinema solutions
  • TV mounts including motorised ceiling mounts
  • Supply and Installation of speaker systems, including outdoor in-ceiling, floor standing, hidden and specialised installations
  • In-Shop music supply and installation
  • Music Systems for Café’s and bars
  • Rackmount enclosures for storage of AV hardware
  • Design and consultancy services for AV solutions

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Home Smarts can help you secure your business or home with reliable security products. We offer solutions for CCTV coverage, Alarm systems, Door Access Control and intercoms.


Our main focus for CCTV is IP Security Systems. We Supply and install Hikvision, Axis and Milestone Systems. We cater for small to large installations offering a design and implementation service. Our experience extends to setting up full wireless solutions to cater for outdoor installations as well as installs across multiple buildings on the same site.
Some of the larger projects we have completed are:
  • McKillop College
  • Dominic College
  • Guilford Young College
  • PTZs on the Tasman Bridge
  • Westlands Nursery

Alarm Systems

Looking to secure your business or home then Home Smarts can help with an alarm system that is suited to your requirements. We can design a system that will cover all areas with integration into third party products. We have experience in large scale multi-site systems or just a simple home solution.
We can supply, install and program the following systems:
  • Ness Security Systems (Service Partner)
  • InnerRange Concept 4000, Integriti and Inception panels
  • Paradox Alarm Systems
  • Tecom

Access Control

We can supply and install a variety of access control solutions through either the Alarm Systems or dedicated door controllers. We also have experience in the supply and installation of Hotel Door Access including the software required to checkin and checkout guests.
We can design, Supply and install Access Control systems with experience in Home, Businesses, schools and retail.


Home Smarts can supply and install an intercom system to suit all requirements, ranging from a block of apartments to single gate or door intercom.
We recommend the following systems:
  • 2N IP Intercoms
  • IIS 2 Wire and 4 Wire intercoms
  • X2 Video
  • Aiphone

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Data and Fibre

Along with our electrical services we can install Data services for your Business or Home. We have certification in the installation of Data (Cat6) and Fibre. We can design and implement Data to suit all needs including the supply and installation of Data rackmount cabinets through Total Networks Pty Ltd
Our fibre services include the following:

  • Supply and installation of fibre optics cable
  • Termination of fibre optic cables
  • Testing of Fibre
  • Termination into rackmount system
  • Repairs to damaged single mode fibres
We have our own Single Mode Fibre splicing unit as well as fibre testing terminal and can supply results on each termination.


About Us

Home Smarts was founded in 2010 by James Casey who saw an area of expertise that was required for Home Automation. James started working with electricians to offer a solution for complete automation of new homes and businesses using Clipsal CBUS.

With 28 years’ experience in IT, he was able to offer a service to design and implement Clipsal CBUS leaving the electricians to be able to do electrical work without the issues of programming the system to suit the client.

Over the years this has grown to include other services as well as employing our own electricians that have experience in the areas we focus on. We now offer complete solutions to those wishing to build a home that they can control from the touch of a finger.

Our Team

James Casey

James started in IT in 1993 where he spent his first 9 years at TAFE Tasmania.
He started as a trainee and gradually working towards running the IT department for Southern Tasmania. He then decided to move into his own business creating the Company Total Networks Pty Ltd.
Total Networks has now been operating successfully for 17 years. In 2007 he was approached by an Electrician to help with the installation of a CBUS system that they were having difficulty in programming. He saw an opportunity and decided to further develop his knowledge in this area and becoming CBUS certified.
In 2010 he created a new business call Home Smarts and started working as a consultant for a number of electricians. His knowledge in the building industry grew and so did the business so he looked for other areas to include as services within Home Smarts which lead to developing and acquiring expertise in Security, Electrical and systems to give the end user complete control of their home or building.

Simon Henderson

Simon started with Home Smarts in 2015 as an Electrician with an extensive background in CBUS and Security. Simon finished his apprenticeship working for Clipsal as a trainee in installing and commissioning CBUS. He then gained further experience working for a company in Darwin installing Clipsal DALI controls and CBUS in commercial buildings. He eventually moved to Hobart and worked for a security company installing security systems and CCTV where he gained valuable knowledge in the security sector. You would class Simon as person that is knowledgeable in both the IT and electrical which is a huge asset to the type of systems that we implement. He has expanded his knowledge after coming to Home Smarts and also completed his contractor’s license.

Sam Ferguson

Sam started as an apprentice electrician in 2005 and is highly knowledgeable in the electrical side of the business. He to has years of experience in the installation of CBUS Systems and security. Sam brings a lot more expertise to the business in regards to behind the scenes requirements for cabling and power. He is also experienced in large commercial developments with abilities in running and managing the electrical component until completion of these jobs. Sam is the work horse and gets the hard work done that is required to the completion of a successful job.